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About OCI Solar Power

OCI Solar Power develops, owns and operates solar photovoltaic power plants throughout the Americas. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, OCI Solar Power specializes in utility, commercial and industrial scale solar projects. OCI Solar Power is the parent company of Mission Solar Energy.

OCI Solar Power operates, owns and develops utility and distributed scale solar power plants.

OCI Solar Power
Mission Solar Energy is the manufacturer of P‑type solar modules.

About the OCI Family of Companies

OCI Company, based in Seoul, South Korea leads the OCI Family of Companies. OCI Company is a leading global clean energy and chemical company with operations in Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and the United States. In 2014, the company generated more than $3 billion (USD) in revenue.

OCI Energy, LLC is the North American subsidiary of OCI Company, Ltd. Through its affiliate companies OCI Solar Power, Mission Solar Energy and Sun Action Trackers, OCI Energy provides solar energy solutions at each step of the solar project development supply chain.